Monday, December 15, 2008

I'm such a posting slacker!

So after exploring the blog world of people who actually post, I decided it was time for an update!  Here are some pictures of my 1st Thanksgiving as a Lawrence!

Rhett and Caleb being elves

Caleb trying out the hot dog marshmallow
Rhett trying it out too!
Melissa (Rhett's sister) is pumped about decorating the tree and her Starbucks coffee

Now the decorating of the tree may have very well been the highlight of the Midland trip...

Melissa assigned specific clusters of ornaments to stand for some very worthwhile people/causes (Kara, my step mother-in-law was not too pleased)

The angels were representative of the CPS workers

The area of crystal in honor of those named Crystal

The area of hearts...I don't remember what we assigned to this spot...

This is the Lawrence angel...notice the Wylie Coyote hanging from her arm

More of the crystal in honor of those named Crystal

And Rhett and his dad needed to do some Father-Son bonding!

So I would have to say that our 1st Thanksgiving as a married couple was a success!

I believe I'm worn out on blogging right now, but before you leave visit Glamlifehousewife.
My old roommate and friend Katie introduced me to this site and I love it!  She's having a giveaway, so go and enter!

I hope you have a blessed week!

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Rambling Girl said...

Welcome to the blogging world and congrats on the 1st Thanksgiving as a Lawrence and wish you many more years of happy ones!