Thursday, February 12, 2009

more conversations with my husband!

Oh that husband of my is such a comedian! Let me explain why.

Last night I volunteered my husband to help me babysit the cutest little girl in the whole world, Miss Kate! While we were waiting for Chris and Susanne to drop her off so they can have a romantical dinner, I was gonna take a quick nap (assuming Rhett would wake me up when they got to the house, well he didn't, but I won't complain...that was a good nap!). So anyways, about an hour after little miss Kate was dropped off she started screaming (I mean crying ;)) Rhett wakes me up all kinds of flustered.  He's like "Hey, whadda ya know about changing babies diapers?" and apparently I was like "huh? what? why? is Kate here?"  Yes she was there, and had been for apparently an hour, but sleeping happily, when she awoke in a strange home, with this strange dude

Note: I found the worst possible picture of my husband for this....

 staring at her and saying "Why are you cryin' kid?" (jk...i don't know if he said anything to her in her deep emotional state).

So thus I awoke to my favorite little homie screaming (i still mean crying) because she is scared to death of my dog and husband. I then changed her diaper, gave her some of these crack tablets (ok they weren't crack tablets...I PROMISE, but they were great!) to soothe her sore gums, and she then cheered up!

So we had a great time watching that precious little one!  Note to self however, Rhett needs to go to diaper changing university before we have some little Rhetts or Kelleys!

On a side note, can anyone tell me how to do the strikethrough text?  Thanks!

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Medicated and Motivated said...

< strike > insert word < /strike >

but with no spaces....I had to do it with the spaces to show you how, because it won't let me publish the comment without the spaces - "HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed..."

If I have completely confused you, email me. :)