Monday, March 9, 2009

Still waiting...and a prayer concern

Well....we made it back from Tucson.  We avoided the Hudson, jet engine backfiring (see the Romy and Michelle clip), and bad weather.  We had a great time (thank you all for the birthday wishes!) and Rhett had some really great interviews.  We will hear back officially today or just keep us in your prayers.  I promise I will have a better highlight blog from our trip very soon!

In other prayer news, please pray for Baby Abby C.  She is a 3 week old beauty who was admitted for sepsis and fever (any baby who has a fever and is under 6 weeks get a full septic workup(lumbar puncture, urine cath, and and IV)).  She is the first granddaughter of my sweet coworker Cyndi.  So please be praying for their entire family.


Medicated and Motivated said...

You are all in my prayers.

Margaret said...

I will definentally pray for her. We went through the same thing with my son when he was 3 weeks old. It can be so scary.