Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Technology rocks! (this time in a really good way!)

In case you all aren't aware my husband starts work on April 20th....in Tucson.  

I will stay in Albuquerque for about another 2 months (off and on) to secure my retirement vesting, work on selling the house, and find a job before I also move to Tucson.

So we will be experiencing the long distance thing ONCE AGAIN in our relationship.  (ok ok I can't complain much, I chose this route, I could just as easily go off to Tucson with him, but I have my reasons for not going quite yet)

Anyways we discovered (ok well I heard of it from my coworker Cyndi, but I didn't understand what it was), Skype.
(image copyrighted by Skype)

Oh my gosh this thing is awesome.  You can video chat with anyone (for free) who has an account.  I'm pumped (I know that you can already do this through AIM and probably Google chat, but this is flipping awesome!).  So download it here, and then become my buddy and let's chat!  Can't wait to chat!


Lacey Jo said...

Out of all the video messenger services I have tried to use...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Skype! Its so crisp and clear!

Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

Yeah!!! We will be able to see each other once you move away! We use skype to talk to my parents every weekend. That way they can see how big Kate is getting...when she sits still. ;)

Margaret said...

That will be so great for you two. It would be hard to be apart for 2 months. I hope everything goes well with your move.

The Pink Potpourri said...

we've heard a lot about this! we even got a web cam the other day. we've just been too lazy to set up our account yet :)

melissa said...

We r praying that this time goes really fast for you guys, but I'm glad ya'll found a way to stay in touch. I just realized that Aaron and Rhett start their new jobs on the same day! How awesome is that! Maybe they'll make me an offer and I can start that day too!