Saturday, May 9, 2009

Adventures in Scottsdale

We pretty much left Scottsdale feeling like this....

But we got so much accomplished and had an overall good time, but I feel the need to recap it for you all.

So bear with me here people!

1.  I forgot my camera...Rhett was happy about that!

2.  We found the design center for our new home builder and proceeded to spend 4 HOURS there.  We had a good time, until after the 1st hour when she said we had the hard parts done.  Then she proceeded to tell us it was time to pick out the tile carpet and counter tops.....which just so happen to be the MOST expensive thing there.  But we made it through and right on budget surprisingly.  We decided to go with darker maple cabinets (not quite the rich cherry color but close), the gray and black granite counter tops (the cost for Corian counter tops was almost equal to granite, so we went with granite), medium brown carpet, and a neutral tile in the kitchen, downstairs bathroom, and entry way, with a similar looking laminate for the upstairs bathrooms.  We really like the combo, but just hope it won't be completely ugly when it's all said and done.

3.  Met with our lender...I just LOVE talking money (please note the sarcasm here).  However, we still qualify even if we are pulling 2 mortgages once we close on the Sahuarita house.  Just keep praying that we find a buyer for our ABQ house.  It would be 1 less stressor.

4.  Learned that EXTREME U-Turns will cause your trunk to pop open and almost toss all of your important documents out into Scottsdale rush hour traffic.  What important life lesson did I learn after this incident?  Don't criticize the driving of an already stressed out husband in rush hour traffic!

5.  Ate one of the best steak dinners we've ever had at Fleming's.  Also, the one of the most expensive, but we had to celebrate....Rhett got his 1st paycheck!

6.  This is more of a Tempe adventure, but we went to IKEA, bought a TV stand, and headed home 2 brain fried and exhausted newlyweds.

That's all I've got.  There isn't anymore.

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Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

Sounds like a very productive day!! :)