Friday, May 1, 2009

Apparently I stink!

Well not really me, but my house.  

This is however, what a prospective buyer said on a questionnaire when asked to describe our house....

3. How did the property show?
[ ] Immaculate
[ ] Clean/Neat
[ ] Messy/Cluttered
[ ] Dirty
[*] Other: too smelly!


However towards the end of the survey they explained what they meant by "too smelly"

9. Additional Comments
(blah blah blah)  And the fragrance stuff was WAY TOO MUCH.

Well I apologize that I enjoy my Midnight Pomegranate Bath and Body Works plug in.
(yes I realize this isn't a plug in, forgive me)

So I am trying to improve upon this by accepting some advice from my coworker Janell. She told me a story about when she and her husband were trying to sell their house in the early 80's when interest rates were 11-12% and the market just was not ideal to be selling. 

She wrote a poem about her house and made some molasses cookies.

It sold within a month of being on the market.


Blogosphere....I need your advice!  

I may have a lookers coming by the house tomorrow....should I make chocolate chip cookies or bake bread?

Does anyone have a witty poem they want to write for me about a house on Summer Ray?

I'll give you an 5 extra entries for my 100th post giveaway!


Lacey Jo said...

You could always get one of those candles that smells like freshed baked cookies. I know if I made the cookies there would be none left to share!

katie beth said...

mmm mmm either of those smells is sooo good! what an excellent idea :)

Kristen Crandall said...

I like cookies and bread, but the one baked good that smells the best to me is cake. My advice to you is to buy a $1 cake mix from the store and make some cupcakes. Do a quick frost job on them, and leave them out for when the prospective buyers stop by. If you don't want to eat them yourself you won't feel guilty about throwing the cheap cupcakes away and they will make your house smell yummy.

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I work at St Joseph's hospital, and I LOVE it. I can't recommend it to you though, because they don't have a pediatric unit. TMC is the main pediatric hospital in town. UMC has pediatrics also but it's the university hospital so you would have to know if you like working with resident MD studends or not.

Congrats to your hubby on the new job. Hope the move goes well.