Sunday, August 9, 2009

Conversations with my Mother-in-law

or my Marmie as we like to say!

Last night, I was chattin' it up with her and I asked her how Robert (my brother-in-law) was doing. She said that one of his friends had come over and they were upstairs watching Watchmen.

I then proceeded to tell her that they show electric blue penis in that movie.

Yes....I went there with my MIL!

Rhett died laughing and I have to say that both Marmie and I laughed quite a bit as well.

Have you all ever had electric blue penis talk with your in-laws?

Well jealous!

(I have also refrained from posting a picture of the electric blue are scarred me when I saw it...I don't want to scar you)


Marmie said...

At least you didn't mention what happened in church---that can be for a later blog

Aaron Wagner said...

I cant say that I have ever had the... umm... balls... to say anything like that. I do think that you should mention the electric blue penis next time you talk to James. That should be fun... Can I be there when you do?