Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy Rabbit Rabbit Day.....and anniversary!

1st of all! Happy Rabbit Rabbit Day! I hope you all have a blessed August!

And second of all...

9 months!

What a fun and crazy 9 months it has been!

Kelly over at Kelly's Corner has hosted a Show Us Your Life - Wedding Dress, that I did not participate in at the time, but I decided I would join in today!

I LOVED my dress! I wanted to wear it every day after I found it, and still think it's the prettiest dress I've ever seen (I would hope all brides feel this way about their dress!).

So here are some of my favorite pictures!

Bridal portraits

My wedding day! My sweet mom was helping me getting it on! She also got stuck lacing and RE-lacing the dress!


Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

You looked fabulous is that dress! Hard to believe you two have been married for 9 months already! Happy 9 month anniversary! :) I hope everything from now on runs smoothly. :)

Brittney Galloway said...

Your dress is SO pretty! I love looking at wedding dresses!

Marissa said...

Great photos! Gorgeous!

Demara said...

it IS a very lovely dress! said...

Your dress is gorgeous!!!!

I thought maybe the rabbit died.
(are you too young to know what that means?)