Saturday, August 29, 2009

I am a ruthless human being!

First of all, a real life update is coming. real soon. i promise.

(I know you all are on pins and needles waiting for it too....ha)

Now for the real reason for the post.

As some of you lovely readers may know, Rhett and I LOVE to see movies. We pretty much go to the theater once a week, which is a little extreme, but hey we aren't a nightclub, party animal type of couple.

We have especially seen a lot of movies since moving to Tucson, partly cause it's sooo flipping hot and also because we are still lacking in the "things to do with people" department..sigh...

Well all was well in the movie world until it seemed like every movie we saw, we had people being completely rude, whether they were talking or bringing their children to movies that weren't suitable for children.

Granted Terminator was a terrible movie (in my opinion) but is it really appropriate to allow your toddler to run up and down to aisle and walking in between saying boo to movie patrons? NO

I know I am not a parent, but we pay our hard earned money to go and enjoy a new movie, with the impression that fellow movie go-ers will be as respectful. If we choose to attend a Disney or children's movie then we know kids will be there and that is fine! I know that babysitters can be expensive, but if you bring your children why can't you leave if they start screaming during the movie. Please don't ruin it for everyone else.

Last night we went to see "Taking Woodstock" and apparently 1 family decided it was a "family friendly" flick. During the foul language, nudity (I really didn't realize how extreme it would be), and drug references, this family let their child scream, make noise, and run between parents. I finally had enough. I have never gone to complain because I hate missing parts of a movie, but I was at my limit. I told the manager (I accept I am a snitch) and returned to my seat. Flash forward 2 warnings later and the family was escorted out.

We were then allowed to enjoy the rest of the movie, which was funny, but not one that I can recommend to many people.

So I am now a tattle-tale.



Whitney said...

Oh I'm a tattle tale all the time! Ha!
I will even speak to the person first before I get the manager. I cannot stand people who talk, are rude, etc in the movie theatre! I don't blame you one bit for being irritated with that!

Brittney Galloway said...

Yeah, I agree. Those people are very inconsiderate! And if more than 30 minutes of my movie has been interrupted, I ask for a rebate on my ticket. Usually they will give you one!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

haha, remind me to never go to a movie with you! Ha, you can hold Gooner while we watch! ;)

Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

I'm glad you spoke up! I am always amazed at how many kids come to movies that they aren't old enough to attend! When we saw Harry Potter, we actually moved seats before the film started because there was a family behind us with little ones. I knew it would be scary so why bring a 3 year old! Plus, before the film started they were talking and kicking the seat. Since I love HP, I wanted some peace to watch it. Besides that, I want to enjoy my film too since we were actually out with out Kate! We would love to see more films but we know that we can't bring our toddler. Thank goodness for Netflix! ;) Sounds like the families in Tucson need to discover it!

Demara said...

Holy Cow I just watched the trailer and ya I totally agree this movie is definitely not one for small children. I can see why they were making such a fuss. It looks boring even to me. But I would want to see it just because it's based on a true story...but I think it looks more like a TV movie.

Like yourselves we too go at least once a week to the movies. However, it's not as expensive because we collect air miles and get 2 for 1 coupons in the mail from them. 20 airmiles pays for one admission basically!! It pretty handy. My husband's great at finding deals.

Cyndi said...

When Michael and I went to see the Lord of The Rings there was a very loud child behind us. I asked the Dad to control him and I got sneered at. When I reported (snitched them out) it to the theater personal and they were told to cut it out, the Dad and I almost got in a fist fight. Michael was so embarrassed of his Mom. What can I say?

Andy and Kelly said...

I can totally relate! Andy and I LOVE movies, and it is quite irritating when children are being children...or in my case, about 40 of my students from school show up at the same movie as me, call me out in the theater, and proceed to be the loudest, most irritating teenagers EVER. ashamed :/

I think we would all be great friends if AZ and IN were in the same place :D said...

I don't blame you one bit!!!

Our society has lost perspective on manners and appropriate conduct. It drives me crazy.

Good for you.

I think it's great that you two go to the movies. Have you seen Julie and Julia? I want to!