Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I'm a failure at...


So I'm not quite sure if this will be a reoccurring series or a one time occurrance. My intention is to highlight my ridiculousness and to hopefully cause you to laugh.

Today's failure is my preferred way to apply mascara.

I never quite understood the proper way to apply mascara. I came up with the Kelley Method (I'm going to make this a trademark!) and it has worked for me ever since I could start wearing it!

Here are the steps involved in the Kelley Method:

1. Liberally apply mascara to lashes and well pretty much any skin remotely close to the eyelash. (And you must do it with a smile on your face!)
2. This is post application (notice the black dot by my eye, that was apparently close to the eyelash area). From here you can either go try to scare small children or get ready for step #3!
3. Take a washable makeup remover (my preferred is maybelline Expert Eyes) and 2 Q-Tips. Soak both sides of the Q-tips in the makeup remover.
4. Using the Q-tips clean up the mascara from around the eye area. I typically use 1 Q-Tip to clean 1 eye and use the other for the opposite eye. (please pardon my big fat flaring nostrils!)
5. And Ta Da! here's the finished product. I've stuck with this method since the 7th grade. I particularly like it because it gives you the eye liner look, without have to use eyeliner (I don't have the steadiest hand, so I tend to poke my eye when I try the eye liner business)

And apparently I have some bags under my eyes today....eeek!

I like my method, as much as I try to do it the "right" way, I just keep on coming back!


Brittney Galloway said...

haha, I love your method! I don't wear eye makeup almost ever, but I might try yours next time I do!

Margaret said...

I try that method every once in awhile. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

katie beth said...

Great post!

You're eyes always look fabulous so the method must word.

I totally always get mascara everywhere when I apply it, so I end up using water and tissue to wipe it off, but I think that stuff you recommended might make into my basket at Target next time I go.

Whitney said...

That's a great method!
Please make this a recurring series! Ha!

Anonymous said...

You are too young to wear make-up and I am too old. I guess only people in their 30's get to do this....Marmie

Marissa {sparkles and fate} said...

Ha ha :)

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I used to stick my eye with the brush when I was first starting to use this in my teens. I'm super jealous of my daughters eye lashes.

Andy and Kelly said...

lol I actually went to high school with a girl who applied her mascara the exact same way! You demonstrated it beautifully, if I might add :)

Tiff said...

I'm delurking to tell you.....I do the exact same thing. I thought I was the only one! :) said...

You crack me up!