Friday, August 7, 2009

random thoughts....

I have ample amounts of time on my hand. My typical day revolves around my fav game shows on GSN, CSI, showering, and going to get the mail with Max.

Well this specific random thought came while I was watching Chain Reaction on GSN. I love that show....but think the intro is lame (which is not my random thought).

ANYWAYS. How do the hosts deal with stupid contestants? I mean when they have competing teams and everyone there is missing completely obvious answers? How do they not go over and slap them over the head?

I mean sure they deserve a few passes, they may be nervous, feeling some pressure, but when the answer is completely obvious and they miss it...why can't the host just go over and shake them a little?

Happy Friday!
I guess that would be kinda mean...

ok never mind...carry on.

sorry I wasted a few minutes of your life!


Anonymous said...

Man---I know somebody who needs a job in the worst way. said...


Thanks for the sweet comment :)

I am seriously missing my usual bloggy lifestyle. Busy, busy, busy.

Hey, I hope you know that anonymous above and you think they are funny, or I'm gonna have to smack em up the side of the head!

Demara said...

that would be something hey?!?! if only the host COULD do that! I think it would make good TV :)