Thursday, November 19, 2009

I think you weren't hugged enough as a child

Dear Speidi (a.k.a. Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag),

How do you go to sleep at night? You are so hateful, disrespectful, and mean when talking to others or talking about anything. You claim to be Christians, but your actions don't show it. You aren't showing the love of Jesus Christ when you publicly defame reporters, regular people, or your "friends." You claim you are the villain Spencer , and honestly that is something you have to make right with God. Jesus spent his life spreading love and the Truth. You spread only lies and hate. He died for our sins. Your ego and self righteousness will lead to your demise.

All the money in the world, can't make up for the fact that you probably weren't hugged enough as children. You can be a celebrity that people actually like and respect, but you choose to help spread hate in an already tragically lost world.

I know that you won't actually read this, but it hurts my heart that you are in the public eye teaching lessons to kids that think it's ok to treat your elders the way you do.

I know middle schoolers that show more respect than you do.

In closing, I hope that you actually realize that being a Christian is more than saying you are, but actually showing it in your actions, words, and thoughts. Jesus can change your ugly heart.


Kelley Lawrence

P.S. - I'm not perfect, and I never claim to be, but I ask God's forgiveness when I mess up. That's all you have to do. We are all unworthy of God's Salvation, but He loves us anyways.

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