Saturday, December 5, 2009

I CAN actually cook!

I just surprised both my husband and myself with the dinner I cooked us tonight.

It was delicious, and I can't believe I actually made it!

You see I love to bake, and most days I am pretty good at it, but making a meal to eat...I pretty much suck at it.

Generally, Rhett will suck it up and eat whatever I make, because he doesn't want to upset me (the time he ate the White Chili with the crunchy beans comes to mind). And then there was the one time he just couldn't do it, he flat out couldn't finish my concoction, because he would vomit in the process.

But tonight...he ate it! AND when back for generous seconds!

It was super easy and if you like something with a little spice to it, you must try it!

Chicken Chipotle Tacos
from Cinammon Spice & Everything Nice
Makes about 7-8 tacos, depending on size

1 Yellow Onion, diced
Vegetable oil, for sauting
3 cloves Garlic, minced
2 Chipotle Chiles in Adobo, seeds scraped out, minced, plus 1 tablespoon of the Sauce
3 cups cooked Chicken, rough chopped
1 teaspoon Oregano
1 teaspoon Chile Powder
1/2 teaspoon Salt & fresh black pepper
1/4 cup water
Guacamole, recipe to follow
Flour or Corn tortillas
Your choice of fixin's:
Sour cream
Shredded Cheddar or Mixed Mexican Blend Cheese
Shredded lettuce
Diced Tomato
Diced Onion
Lime wedges

1. Saute the onion in oil until translucent, add garlic and saute until fragrant, add Chipotles and saute for a minute or two.

2. Add chicken, oregano, Chile powder, salt, pepper, and water. Mix well and heat over medium-low heat about 8 - 10 minutes, stirring often.

3. Serve in heated tortillas with fixin's.

I hope you love it as much as we did!


Brittney Galloway said...

Mmm, that sounds delicious! Thanks for passing it on!

katie beth said...

The crunchy beans!!! Hahahaha.

Anyway, I think with cooking: practice makes perfect (especially if you have a good recipe.) Will definitely have to try this one.

Lil' Woman said...

Good job girl..I can bake but def. not cook! :)

Kelly said...

yummy! those look so good! I am just now starting to cook well, and we've been married about 2 1/2 years!!! My sister-in-law made me a cookbook with all of Andy's fav recipes from growing up at one of our engagement showers, and like a dummy, I left it on the shelf for 2 years! After much practice this summer. he really enjoys the meals I cook, and so do i! they're all pretty easy! we should do a recipe swap! :)

Marmie said...

Sounds great to me...bring me some 4 x-mas.