Friday, January 15, 2010

Questions for my lovely friends!

Dear Bloggers,

I used to lift weight routinely during High School. I had a routine put together by my swim coach which helped us with our stroke, strength, and endurance.

But now I'm nearly 8 years post High School, and have been out of the weight training regime for some time now. Can any of you share with me a successful lifting routine? I want to get back into it, but I have to go with a plan, otherwise I just stare at the equipment and talk myself out of doing anything.

Please include the number of sets and reps you do!

Thanks for the help.

My thighs will thank you!

Actually, my butt, arms, gut, and clothes will also thank you!

Well you should add in the wallet because if I don't get my act together I will have to buy even more "fat clothes."

And for good measure include my husband in there....even though he signed up to love me for better or for worse (unless that's the part he fell asleep through) I would like to resemble the woman he married....not the 100 lbs heavier one he will have by the end of this year!


Lil' Woman said...

Wish I can help but sadly I have no knowledge of such things! :(

Brittney Galloway said...

I don't like weight lifting...and my swim coach never let me go to weight workouts because I was too short/tiny.something about stunting my growth ....It was weird.

Q, La, and Gooner said...

I separate each part of my body into different day EXCEPT I do legs and abs on one day. Monday - run and biceps and shoulders Tuesday workout video, total body Wednesday run and bike, Thursday abs, then legs Friday run then triceps. Saturday abs. And there ya have it...

Marissa said...

Have you checked out She's doing a strength training challenge said...

Girl, do you Shred? The Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. I have never seen such awesome changes in my body.

Ok, this did not answer your question. I only use 3 lbs with it, but oh my, does it work miracles!!!!

Tone muscles and strength. '

No, I did not get paid for this endorsement :)

Kelly said...

good luck, girl!!! I am super impressed by your motivation to start working out!!! I, unfortunately, have zero advise to give :/ I have some 3 and 8 lb. weights (I think I need the 5's), but I rarely use them :/ Let us know how it goes, though!