Monday, February 8, 2010


BTO, otherwise known as Blogging Time Off.

Dear Blog friends,

I have been pretty terrible about blogging and more importantly reading your blogs! Starting this new job has been a little rocky and I am just totally uninspired right now. Nothing incredibly exciting has happened in the past few weeks and I am just so run down!

I have a feeling that in about 1.5 weeks I will be feeling a lot better! So until then, I will be taking a break. I will continue to do my best to read everyone's blog, but I have a feeling that I will have an obscene amount of posts to catch up on when I actually have the time and energy to read them!

So now I leave you with 2 important facts.

1. the PW oatmeal crispies are delicious! Best oatmeal cookies ever!

2. Google image labeler is an addicting game, but at the moment my brain feels like it's liquified and slowly leaking out of my ear, so I am no good at it right now.

Goodbye lovelies! I will be back soon!


Amber Joy said...

We will miss you, Kel.

Lil' Woman said...

You will be missed! :)

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Well lovey, you will be missed but enjoy your break. AND you don't have to read every post ya know. Maybe when you come back from your break just read a few of the more recent from your favorites. I don't think anyone will begrudge you some time and space. :)

M said...

I'll miss ya!

Callie Nicole said...

We all need a blogging break sometimes. Enjoy your blogging rest! And come back soon. :-)