Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rainy Days never get me down!

It's raining in the desert today!

And I love it!

You see, we live in the land of perpetual sunshine. It's a great place to live if you suffer from SAD. Always sunny, and nearly 365 days of "great" weather. I don't consider 120 degree weather for 4 solid months as great weather, more along the lines of punishment, but I will take that over snow every other day for 4 months!

I feel that on rainy days, it's ok to sleep in, stay home wrapped in blankets, and eat warm comfort food. It's even more enjoyable when it falls on a weekend!

Granted, if we had rainy days as much as Seattle does, I may not like them as much, but seeing as they are incredibly sparse here, I just love them!

How do you all feel about rainy days? Love them or hate them?

Now Mondays....I will have to agree with Karen Carpenter there, they do always get me down!


Lil' Woman said...

Sometimes the icky rainy days are the best days!

Anonymous said...

Now you are just bragging girl! We are digging out of a foot & 1/2 of snow and more coming on wednesday!

I need to move! :)

katie beth said...

LOVE 'em! And i usually like Monday's too because (well, when I had a job) I was making money instead of spending it. Now I like them because I like routines.

Melissa said...

I like rain too, especially spring rain.

Marmie said...

I love rain---but i like snow better!

Leigh said...

I love love love rainy days and grey skies :)