Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Take that Jenny McCarthy!

EDIT: I should say that I am very pro-vaccine, it hopefully is very obvious. I believe in them, and feel that they are incredibly safe. I also believe very strongly for you to be informed regarding your health and your children's health. Don't just take my word that vaccines are safe, if it is something that you aren't sure about, research it! But always, check your sources. The internet gives us a wealth of information, but it also gives us a lot of false or unverified info as well!

My biggest issue is that the Jenny McCarthys of this world have started this movement causing people to be in fear of vaccine. It is unreal the amount of parents that would come into the clinic I used to work in with false information about vaccines. Be informed, and not from "celebrities" that use scare tactics to create their following.

Autism is a real disease with a lot of unknowns about it. Let's support research that would actually prevent another child from being diagnosed with this serious health problem!


Q, La, and Gooner said...

Well, I'm still a little careful with Gooner's vaccinations. They give SO MANY shots all at once. I'm not anti vaccines, but just spread them out a little ! Gah.

Melissa said...

Right on sista! Hannah Joy will get vaccines!

wife.mom.nurse said...