Monday, June 14, 2010


This story is divided into 2 parts....mainly because it's so disjointed, and I'm not creative enough to connect the 2 stories!

Part 1:
Lately, I have been feeling a little old.  I am now 27, and don't understand how the last 4 years since college have flown by so quickly!

Part 2:
Every week at work I attend a Neuro-Oncology Tumor Board.

Say What?

Think of it as a House episode, where doctors sit around discussing specific patients, and coming up with the best treatment options to treat neurological cancers.

I'm still not to sure why my doctor needs me to go, but it's quite an interesting forum.

So anyways, last thursday I was sitting in Tumor Board, and they were introducing a new patient who happened to be a 26 year old female.

This was about the point where I zoned out, and started thinking about how old I am.  And I was thinking, "Man, I wish I was still 26.  I feel so OLD."

And then I looked at the MRI films of this patient, and noted the birth date.....


I then realized I was only 15 days older than her.

Which led to my realization that I am in fact 26.

And that made my day!

You see....I have been thinking I was 27 for several months (granted I did realize I was 26 at the time of my birthday, but apparently I forgot that 2010-1984=26).  And I have shared with several people that I am 27.

My family has always said that underneath the red hair, I am a natural blonde....and I am believing them more everyday!

So I will now enjoy the remaining 9 months of my 26th year of life....thank you very much!


Amber Joy said...

I thought this post was going somewhere different... like how the girl who is the SAME AGE as you has a tumor, and how that got you to thinking about your own life and your health and your happiness... and what if it were YOU?
Yikes! But you're MUCH more laid back than I am! ;)

Lil' Woman said...

Lol...silly you! :)

Marmie said...

I can see that you are getting a lot out of those neurological tumor boards. Believe me, you really want to take years off not add them. I guess that really comes with age.

katie beth said...

Blahahaha! I was like "K, I'm older than you and I'm only 26!!" Glad you got this figured out.

Melissa said...

At the beginning when you said you were 27 I was like, "No she's not, cause I just turned 27!" Haha. Hope your year 26 is better than mine! I plan to enjoy the heck out of being 27 cause so far it's been my best year ever.

Janet said...

your poor old mom doesn't want to be another year older yet. I'm glad you figured out you are still only 26. ha ha!

Sarah Louise said...

LOL. I do the same thing. I have been saying for MONTHS that I am 26 when in fact I am only 25 (my birthday is in three weeks, I think)...I have also been saying that Jared and I have been married for three years, for over 6 months now, and we don't celebrate our 3rd wedding anniversary until the end of July.

Just blame the brain lapse on marriage ;) I swear, sometimes it marriage just takes all the sense out of yah!

Ashley said...

Was blog hopping and ran into yours and LOVE it. I am from Phoenix but have family in Tucson. I hope you don't mind another follower! said...

OKay...I always forward my birthday by one year! Ha!

I am 46...oops 45.

Enjoy all of those years...I am still loving the feeling that I am young. I look younger than my age (not sure if any of photos on my blog really reflect that. I think you will look young when you get to be my age too :)
I think it helps with my outlook.

It is so good to be at your blog :)


Q, La, and Gooner said...

hahahaha, hilarious! Congrats on an extra year!