Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Keeping it real

Is anyone else WORN OUT when you get home from work?

Well WE are!

Ridiculously worn out in fact, and in effort to not eat out every meal (which we nearly do, but who's keeping track right?) I have been unsuccessfully utilizing the crock pot.

After the latest unpleasantly, underwhelming creation on Monday, we were both so tired that we just decided to go to bed.  We had both worked an incredibly long day, and just said to heck with it all!

Well, fast forward to today, and the still unwashed crock pot full of unpleasant food.

We both decided it was time to tackle the "Pot of Despair." And then watch more Prison Break.

So here's how the conversation went.

Rhett: Well I guess I should clean the crock pot.
Me:  Do you have the Haz-Mat suit because we may need it.
Me:  So I think you should throw the fermenting meat into the trash, run and throw it into the dumpster, rinse it out and then just fill it up with soap.
Rhett:  Sounds like a plan.
Me:  But make sure to put some water in it too
Rhett:  Well I was just going to fill it up with soap until we run out of every type of soap we own, laundry, dish, AND hand soap.

This is what happens when the toxic food fumes get to you.

And in case your wondering, no one died in the cleaning of the crock pot...It's actually still soaking in soap AND water at the moment.


katie said...

Have you tried those crockpot liners? You cook everything in that and toss what you don't want to keep. Makes clean up a breeze. :)

Marmie said...

I agree with Katie. You should have seen Robert tackle making my "special spaghetti" the other night. Nobody can cook like Marmie.....LOL

Anonymous said...

Oh the crock pot. When it gets super baked on it is nasty! The liners work but I hate buying something else when all I need is a little soap.

Aaron Wagner said...

If that had happened at my house, we would NOT have run out of soap, because Melissa has (and I am not kidding, I just counted), 11 different kinds of soap in our bathroom alone.

Callie Nicole said...

Ha! I'm glad you got the crock pot soaking - I need to utilize my crock pot more. And yes, I get REALLY tired after work, and it's even worse now! Derek seems to do pretty well though . . .