Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What to do on a 2 week vacation at "home"

Does anyone else, when referencing their parent's home/hometown, say they are going home when they go to visit their parents?

Even though our home is in Tucson, my "home" where I feel all warm and fuzzy will probably always be the Texas Panhandle. 
Please tell me that I'm not the only one who feels that way....

Well anyways, we are currently on the tail end of this wonderfully long Christmas break from AZ life.  It's been pretty wonderful..there is something so beautiful and comforting about the barren flatness that is the Panhandle!

So what have we done during this stay..well I am gonna tell list form because that seems to be my 2012 trend :-)

  1. Take a break
  2. Revert back to Annie's newborn sleeping schedule...I sure did miss those early morning hours....not...
  3. Take more breaks because of the above lack of sleep.
  4. Make 8 key lime pies completely from scratch...our new Christmas tradition!
  5. Take a break after making and sampling said pies....declare them perfection and lapse into a sugar coma.
  6. Load up the pies and take them to those friends and family members that are on our must see list....mind you this takes place over 3 days because of our little one who feels the need to either nap or have a melt down. (Don't worry Annie...your mom was the same way,well she still is...).
  7. Show off nearly 6 month old child to everyone in town....because she is something of a local celebrity.  You should have seen everyone at church....she stole the show :)
  8. Take another break, because, well because you can!
  9. Soak up all the grandparent and great grandparent time that can be had by Annie in the span of 2 weeks. I hate that they are so far away!
  10. Attempt to order a new car...complete failure.
  11. Research cars that have the options that we want.
  12. Breathe in all the Texas air you can.
  13. Enjoy this break, spend time with family, escape reality, and make memories!
This is what we did on our 2 week break from reality!

(I realized after being back in AZ for 2 weeks that I failed to publish this....oops)


katie said...

Woohoo! I call our Hometown our home too! There is a saying: "Home is where your Mom is" haha!! Love that. So true in my book.

Glad you enjoyed your time at home. We did too! It has made the past few days tough though, readjusting to real life.

Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

Yes I too still call my parents' house "home" when we go visit. :) It was wonderful seeing you on your drive back to your real home in AZ!

Melissa said...

It still feels like home in Pampa to me too sometimes :)

Lil' Woman said...

I used to do that when we lived in Florida and referred to home as PA.

La. said...

Ok, that is funny. Home is where your Mom is. And 8 key lime pies? And I call it home too! Even though home is NOT Texas!