Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stream of Consciousness

  • Why do infant/toddler shoes have to be so darn cute and expensive!  I'm having a difficult time justifying $35+ on shoes that Annie will only wear for a very short while!  Where do you guys get shoes for your little ones?

  • I'm kind of addicted to Instagram.....follow me at underthetucsonsun....original I know!

  • My sister-in-law Melissa, who is awesome btw(what can I say I have pretty awesome family all around), started a blog and it is pretty much amazing!  You should read it, like right now!, seriously, nothing else I will write about will be better than her blog, so go!

  • I am now a stay at home mom....I like it, most days, but i lack a lot of motivation and have found that i am watching too much tv and on facebook too much.

  • I am debating going on a facebook break....i think missing out on updates about my family is my only hold out.

  • Annie is on a nap strike....i don't get her....and she's a little weird, wellllll a lot weird!  I don't know where she gets it ;)

  • In other Annie news, we have a walker!  I decided that she officially graduated to this stage on her 14 month birthday, a little late yes, but all in her own timing!

  • This week has been a little lame...1st I tried to cut my finger off, then we had a snake in our garage, and then I got a letter from our HOA because someone hasn't been pulling the weeds in the front yard (or the back for that matter).  Annie needs to get on that!

  • For like the 1,000,000 time, I have missed blogging, and am really going to try and stay on top of it!


katie said...

Love you friend! And love your post!

Yay for being a SAHM! You'll get in a groove after a while and won't be watching tv or checking fb, especially when the weather really cools off!

Melissa said...

Yay a new blog! Annie is walking now so she deserves new shoes! Yikes snakes! Your severed finger probably made the food taste better. Don't quit Facebook cause I will be sad! Keep blogging because your blogs improve my quality of life! Love ya!

Miss Lace said...

Little Annie is adorable. Maybe we can motivate each other to blog? I sure have missed it too!