Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My heroes

I love what I do.  I am a pediatric nurse who gets to work with a variety of families, in the happy times of their lives, and unfortunately also in the sad times.  

One of my biggest blessings at work is caring for our specialty patients.  This includes our oncology families.  These kids are amazing.  No one asks to get cancer.  No one begins their treatment process knowing how to deal or cope with the uncertainty of their future.  I work at an amazing facility with great doctors, nurses, social workers, and God's special gift to the patients, the Child Life Staff.  But even with all of these great people, death is always not far from anyone's thoughts.  When I came to work at the clinic, I was told by many that we tend to lose a lot of these kiddos near the holidays.  This year has been an absolutely devastating year.  We have lost so many beautiful kids, but I know that they are no longer hurting and getting the nasty chemo.  They got to start their eternity with Jesus just a little bit earlier than most.  

My point to this whole blog is that Friday, December 5th was one of my hardest days as a nurse.  One of the most amazing kids went up to be with Jesus.  He was such a joy in my life and to everyone's life that he entered into, and I loved getting to spend time with him.  Not only was he just a perfect child of God, but his family accepted me and loved me whole heartedly.  I was so blessed to get to spend a year with this beautiful boy and his sweet family.  They stayed true to their faith even in the midst of inconceivable trials.  I pray for Tiffany and Phillip in this unbelievably difficult time.  Taylor, I know that you will never have to suffer again, and that you will have endless amounts of  toys in the big Child Life Playroom in the sky!  I  love and miss you my sweet little red head (you always gave such big hugs for such a little bitty body), but I will see you again soon!


Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

Awww. I don't know how you and Tiffany do that job. I cry just watching commercials of sick kids! I thank God every day for our healthy baby Kate, but I know that if for some reason we had to be there we would have an amazing support staff looking after her. :) You are an awesome nurse, person and friend! Hang in there! God put you in that job for a reason and you do an amazing job!

Cyndi said...


You are such a good writer. I know God gave you and Taylor a special bond (other than the hair color) so you could be there for his parents. I am convinced that these Onc kids live a complete life, God doesn't give them one day too many or too less, although the anguish must still be unconceivable. Have a Merry Christmas! Love, Cyndi

TIffany said...

Kelley, you are such an amazing nurse, thanks for sharing this and I wrote his parents a little note!! You are such an awesome person and God uses you in so many ways!!