Saturday, January 17, 2009

End of treatment

Yesterday at work I had the privilege to watch one of our oncology families do something super exciting!  They got to have their end of treatment conference.  This little boy has battled Leukemia (ALL) and come out victorious!  He wasn't at the meeting (he had to go to school!), but his sweet parents and little brother were there to get the low down on what happens next (or what I like to call "Life after Leukemia"). One of the most touching moments, was when his mom was talking about how he can finally celebrate his birthday this year.  For the past three years, he hasn't been able to have a real party because his ANC (absolute neutrophil count = basically a measure of how vulnerable he is to infection) was always too low.  This pretty much meant he couldn't be around big groups of people without at least wearing a mask, to insure he wouldn't wind up in the hospital with a massive infection from some dinky little virus.  So praise God that this kiddo gets to celebrate 3 years worth of birthdays that he missed on May 18th!  I hope he parties like it's 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and most importantly for many MANY years to come!

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katie beth said...

That is wonderful! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story.