Sunday, February 1, 2009

Happy Rabbit Rabbit Day.....and anniversary!

Happy Rabbit Rabbit Day to all of my 5.5 readers! ;)

So let me explain, it is tradition in my family that the first words out of your mouth on the first day of every month should be "Happy Rabbit Rabbit Day." If you stay true to this, we were always told it would bring you good luck.....well I don't really believe in the luck part, but I do love saying Happy Rabbit Rabbit day!

It also happens to be our 3 month anniversary! We made it (haha)! Anyways, I decided that the 1st of every month (at least for the first year of our marriage) would be illustrated by a wedding picture! And since I missed our 1 and 2 month anniversaries, you will all get 3 at once!

oh joy ;)

So here you go, and have a lovely Sunday!

Here is my handsome hubby with my beautiful bridesmaids! Melissa, A*Vas, Katie, and Megan

Here we are with the Groomsfolk! Clayton, Mike, Robert, and Kandi!

Here we are right after the ceremony...waiting to take pics and go on to the PARTY!

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