Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our exciting trip to Houston! (Day 1)

So last weekend we got to experience the great state of Texas, and it was spectacular! I have never been to Houston, so it was great to see what it really is like (not what I have always envisioned..smoggy and humid).

SO instead of typing, here's is an illustration of the weekend!

Who wouldn't enjoy their 2 hour airline flight when they were watching their free digital copy of MAMMA MIA!? It was fabulous! Except when Pierce Brosnan was singing!

You may be asking yourself...what are those boys doing? Getting a salt scrub of course! Being the good wives that we are, Melissa and I were tired of holding those dry scaly hands, and our husbands gladly (ok so maybe they were forced) participated in the salt scrubbing. Funny thing is, Rhett totally wanted to buy some after it was all said and done....

Here is Aaron thinking he is almost like Jesus....trying to "walk on water" and all....I had to break it to him that none of us can be that cool ;)

Rhett and I in downtown Sugarland!  They have such a pretty town square area!

Ok so this picture doesn't do this Hot Chocolate is crack on drink form from Border's.  I didn't understand why Melissa and Susan were so pumped about this hot chocolate...and then I saw the mountains of delicious whipped cream, topped with white and dark chocolate shavings and a hunk of chocolate sticking out to enjoy....It was a glimpse of heaven!  yummmmmm

And this all happened on the 1st day!  stay tuned for the next post, for the a tour of the most awesome museum in AMERICA!

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Lianna Knight said...

Thanks for the shout out!! I also entered the other giveaways you have posted!

Brandi said...

Oh yes I do love me some Houston (I live about 90 min southeast of there). : D

I hope you got plenty of southern hospitality!

: D