Thursday, February 19, 2009

here goes nothing

For the past few months weeks I have been telling myself I need to get up and go to the gym. I always have a harder time in the winter because it's so cold in the am (I am a morning workout person). Well today is the day. I am off of work today, and am totally feeling the effects of no real workouts since right before the wedding ( almost 4 months). You know what they are: the thighs that rub together A LOT , the arms that keep flapping after you stop waving, the belly that starts to look kinda prego-like (when you are definitely NOT), and that lovely muffin top.

So today is a new time you see/hear from me I will have attempted to run (at least a mile) and maybe lifted a few weights....wish me luck!


I "successfully" completed 2 miles of walking/running and buffed my arms up on a few machines....I wouldn't call myself the next American Gladiator, but we are taking baby steps towards a leaner, healthier body....

maybe I need to get in shape for this AWESOME giveaway!


Sweet Simplicity said...

I always struggle with the dedication that it takes to work out. I'm good for twice a week but more than that is really pushing. Not good when you are trying to really tone up. Good luck today!

katie beth said...

wahoo! Good for you! I have so much trouble in the winter too... Signed up for tennis just to make myself go outside a bunch.