Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"What did Max do" Wednesday

As always, this story requires some build up....

Last week, Rhett decided to make a trip down to Socorro (where he went to school), and request some copies of his transcript. I mean seriously...he needed to get out of the house, and I demanded lovingly suggested he make the trip instead of waiting on the post office to do the work for him!

He makes the trip, eats at his favorite restaraunt Burrito Time or Sofia's (the drive thru has a different name...seriously only in Socorro would that happen), and then makes the trip back up.

So Rhett gets back from his trip and notices that Max hasn't totally destroyed the house (which was the typical occurrance when Rhett was still working). He also doesn't really see Max, but apparently didn't care and went to deal with some another area of the house. While he was doing that he heard some major racket in the other part of the house, so he finished his business, and went to investigate.

By our front door we have 3 rooms, 1 is the guest room, the middle one is the bathroon, and the other is Katie's room (or I guess techinally is a junk room until we can get some organization going). We typically close the 2 bedrooms (so he doesn't destroy the contents of those rooms) and leave the bathroom door open.

So Rhett was going all Inspector Gadget in the house, and he heard something going crazy in the bathroom (that door happened to be shut). He opens it up and there is my dog...tearing up a box like crazy, and destroying the bath mat that was in there.

So our dog locked himself in the bathroom for who knows how long...but luckily he entertained himself with bath mats and boxes!

So there you go...the 2nd edition of WDMD Wednesday!


Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

At least he entertained himself! ;)

melissa said...

Yea for Rhett getting out of the house! Way to go. I totally know how that feels. Maybe Max can go too next time.