Monday, May 4, 2009

at a loss for words...

not in a bad way, I just really don't know what to write about!

So just to bore you all more, I will give you a recap of my lame-O weekend (lame except for the times I hung out with AWESOME people)!

Technically my weekend started thursday, but I really can't remember what I did that day, let's just proceed to friday.

-I shredded, with the 30 day Shred....I am sooo out of shape, level one just about killed me!
-I went shopping with my sweet friend Susanne, and ate some YUMMY food at CPK (be jealous)!
-Vegged on the couch.
-Did a stake out in my own house.  The neighbor kids keep jacking with my realtor sign (basically they run it into the ground) so I watched a movie on my computer in my front bedroom waiting for punk kids to mess with my house...I was totally going to run after them and threaten them....didn't punk kids riding bikes on friday
-pre-made cookie dough for prospective home buyers
-cleaned like a mad woman...
-Skyped with Rhett 

(this may sound like a lot....but there was a lot of sitting on my butt!)

-complained to Max about being sore from shredding...
-continued cleaning like a mad woman
-baked bread like a mad woman
-went to lunch with my sweet friend Katie! (yummm Jason's Deli)
-watched Bride Wars and LOVED it, I will definitely watch it many more times (did I mention I bought it?)
-Skyped with Rhett (it makes me miss him so much.....)

-dreamt about killer bunnies mauling people on the way to the airport....I woke up with my heart beating all kinds of fast....
-failed to get up and run with Max...
-failed to go to church
-went to the grocery store
-made lunch (carnitas with spicy chipotle slaw) and dinner (turkey meatballs with fire roasted sauce), both of which I enjoyed a lot!
-hang out with the handy man (maybe not really "hung out" but he was here doing his handy man business
-watched 4 hours of The Practice
-Skyped with Rhett and with my awesome bil & sil!
-went for a JOG the 1st time in seriously 2 months....

ok seriously if you are still reading this....sorry I bored you to tears...

Did any of you all have an exciting weekend?


The Pink Potpourri said...

sounds like a productive, busy, relaxing weekend :) we love skype! we are trying to get our families on it!

McBee said...

I want to borrow Bride Wars! :)

Susanne, Chris and Kate said...

I'll watch Bride Wars with you!
Oh and Thursday we went to the Olive Garden. :) We missed ya at church.

bexters7 said...

I do NOT think your blog is lame, I think it's funny. Keep up the good work!!