Friday, June 19, 2009

conversations with my husband!

Rhett: (Randomly, in the middle of the movie theater parking lot) Don't drive into puddles!
Me: What?
Rhett:  These monsoons will do ya in!
Me:  random!
Rhett:  I don't want to have to go look for you in the ocean.

**Note to readers**  The Monsoon season in Arizona can apparently be pretty brutal, so you always are supposed to obey the the warnings, and avoid driving into large collections of water.  Rhett was referring to this tiny puddle in the parking lot.  I am also referring to major oceans near by!

And in other news...

RUN, don't walk to see The Proposal.

SO funny!

We LOVED it!


Jon and Steph said...

Oh, now I have to see this movie!!!

Marissa said...

We do get Monsoons. Monsoons are probably what everyone would classify as a thunderstorm (if it rains every single news station reports about it because it's so rare). It pretty much never storms in AZ except in Monsoon Season. A lot of the streets here are set upon flood planes so water will pool in certain streets. If you are driving do not enter the flooded areas! It never fails that you'll see people on the news who thought they could get their car through. Also, seconds after it starts raining you will hear sirens. No one here knows how to drive when it rains! Be prepared for driving at least 20 MPH under the speed limit if it is storming! ha ha :) said...

My folks live in AZ. up until then i had no idea that there are monsoons in america...sounds so asian or pacific or something!

Thanks for the tip on the movie...i could really use a good laugh. Yeah.

Shannon said...

My mom just saw this movie this past weekend and loved it! I'm thinking my BFF and I need to have a "mom date" soon and go see this!

Q, La, and Gooner said...

A monsoon? I didn't realize AZ had them!

sean said...

rhett liked the proposal? i have a hard time believing that :-p