Monday, July 27, 2009

Where do you find motivation?

This is my question to you!

For about the past ohhh 9 months I have been eating anything and everything I want. I haven't been working out, nor have I really wanted to.

Well nine months of slothful living has caught up to me. I can no longer fit in the fat clothes I bought when I could no longer fit in my normal clothes.

So yesterday I made the decision that I would start working on this lazy Kelley that has come about since my wedding day!

I told my hubs about my plans, which including getting up and working out after he left for work (around 6:30....I mean if you go out any later you would melt in the Tucson sun). I also told him to say a few things that would get me motivated to get out of bed.

They included:
-"You're a fatty"
-"Get out of bed you lazy bum."
-And pinch a hunk of my belly fat and say "This is disgusting."

Well....of course he didn't do it! That jerk.


He did turn on all the lights and say "HEY, you need to get up."

That doesn't give me motivation.....that just made me pull the covers over my head and sleep for 2 more hours. Now it's too hot to go out there.

So today I may move the air mattress out of the way, and Shred.

How do you find motivation to work out when you are in a funk?


Brittney Galloway said...

Oooh, that's hard. I joined a gym. Because I hate wasting money and so I figured out in my head how many times I need to go to make it not a complete waste of money, if that makes sense.

Anonymous said...

Walk Max---u know he's going crazy.

Anonymous said...

Walk Max---u know he's going crazy.

Jon and Steph said...

I am in the SAME exact boat, but it's almost been a year for me. Living over here has definitely made me pack on the pounds. If you find that motivation, holler at me. Good luck!