Friday, February 19, 2010

So excited!

Beth Moore is coming to Tucson!

I have had the privilege of taking part in 3 studies of hers while in Albuquerque, started a new one in Tucson, and got to see her at Living Proof Live in Albuquerque.

She has a passion for God, and it's contagious. If you have never had the chance to take one of her studies, go here to find one near you!

So I have an offer to extend to anyone who wishes to see her live. We have some spare bedrooms, couches, and an air mattress and if you can make it here, you have a place to stay!

Mark your calendars for March 26th and 27th!

Let me know if you are interested!


Amber Joy said...

So cool! Enjoy! I'm doing her Esther study right now! (For the second time.)

Margaret said...

I did her Esther study over the summer. It was great and just what I needed at the time.

Melissa said...

Man that is very exciting! She was at the Mardel I used to work at a few weeks ago. I should have gotten something signed for you.

Q, La, and Gooner said...

Man, if you were closer I would totally camp out on your floor. WE'd probably talk all night, never go to bed, and be crabby the next morning. :)