Tuesday, July 27, 2010

done and did it

(Side note:  2 posts nearly on consecutive days....I'm turning over a new leaf!)

I am obsessed with TV, specifically reality TV.

If it is produced, I will more than likely watch it.

Mr. Rhett does not like this.....one bit.

But come Friday, I will be saying goodbye to my beloved cable reality shows.


We are getting rid of our cable.

We will only have channels 2-28, and this is just so we can watch the news, and for me to get my home shopping on.

(Everyone likes a good reason to watch QVC and HSN right?)


Why are we doing this?

#1- I waste too much time watching tv and the dvr.  Nothing that I watch is truly meaningful (at least in regards to reality shows).  I need/want to spend more time with God, Mr. Rhett, Max, house chores, and sewing (and blog!).  The TV is just too easy of a distraction, and I can't stop myself from watching it.  I would eventually like to get rid of any sort of programming, but I need baby steps here.  This is a TV detox folks!

#2- Cable is expensive!  With the DVR, we are paying around $75 for extended cable.  Come Friday, we will pay $21 for basic no box.  Strong work Team Lawrence!

#3- My mind is slowly turning to mush.  I need something intelligent to keep my brain from running out through my ears!

#4-  If I had a moment of weakness and needed to relapse, I can watch the shows for free ONLINE!

Wish me luck.  I am really excited to see what will happen with all my new found "free time!"


Lil' Woman said...

We've done that too....Comcast took all the good channels and we don't want to pay for the box so now we have basic

Marmie said...

You people are way braver than me. What do you watch in the middle of the night? What about Foxnews? I am impressed. Let me know how that works out.

Brittney Galloway said...

We got rid of cable about a year ago and we barely miss it! Most things can be watched online, so that helps.

Amber Joy said...

Strong work, Kel. We don't have any kind of TV here, yet I still manage to waste huge amounts of time on hulu! And I don't miss a thing! Except HGTV perhaps. THAT I could get into!

Melissa said...

Yeah I couldn't do it. But often I am accomplishing things as I watch, or at least thats how I'm going to justify it for now.

Anonymous said...

I totally understand! We have to get premium something or other so that we can get Arsenal games...and that is SUPER important in this family. So awesome that you are taking this step. And online isn't bad at all if you want to follow a couple shows!

Meagan@Megs7827 said...

I couldn't do it! How is it going?

Sarah Louise said...

Good for you guys! Jared and I haven't had cable in the three years that we've been married. We miss channels like HGTV, and I too use to watch a lot of reality TV, but we're really better off without it.

After a little while...you'll find that you hardly miss it!

wife.mom.nurse said...

OMG...now that is brave!

Let us know how it goes!