Sunday, September 23, 2012


This week we got a letter in our mail from our home owner's association.  I have pretty much been banking on getting this letter for several weeks, because well we have a slight serious weed problem in our front and back yard.  They just don't pull themselves....I don't get it, and while I can't keep any other plant alive, those weeds grow fruitfully and abundantly!

Well initially I was pretty annoyed....well let's be honest I am still a little perturbed, but then I got to thinking.....

Scary huh....

I started to think how I have been feeling like my life was a little out of sorts and out of control.  This is all my doing and nothing catastrophic or terrible has happened (thank you God).  I find myself most days feeling pretty blah and unmotivated and since decreasing my work hours even more it has gotten much worse.  I am so overwhelmed with everything that should be getting done, that I find myself shutting down and not doing anything.

I know that more than anything it is because I have lost focus on my faith.  It isn't my center, and I don't make time for the Word by studying it daily and with intention.  I know that just setting aside some time (even if it is only 15 minutes) would really help me get control and refresh my day!

I then started equating all of this to the "weeds" growing literally and figuratively in my life.  Had I spent a little bit of time pulling and more importantly trying to prevent them from growing, I wouldn't have needed the stern reminder that they were out of control.

Well needless to say, the hubs and I spent several hours literally pulling weeds out of the front yard and spraying to prevent them.  And I am working to daily spend time with God studying the word and working to prevent the weeds of doubt and fear and crazy from wreaking havoc in my life.

So if you still read this, please don't hesitate to encourage me!  How do you all study and read through the Bible?  This is an area that I have struggled with all my life.  I think about where to start or how to really focus on what I am reading and then I get into the cycle "oh it is such a big endeavor,"get overwhelmed and then just stop trying.

So let's all go start pulling our spiritual weeds!

Well and maybe I should go and pull those physical weeds as well?  


Melissa said...

I find that something that helps me during this stay at home mom phase of life is devotionals that really interest me. Also small group Bible studies, because let's face it there is accountability there. Start small and give yourself grace. I also recommend praying even if you didn't read that day. If you had a bad day, start the next day fresh without the guilt from the previous one (something I am currently trying to practice). Love you sister!

Brittney Galloway said...

Good analogy! I've recently found that if I set aside the first 15 minutes of Grace's nap times for prayer or Bible study, before I do anything else on my agenda, even if all I have is to relax, then at the end of the day I'll know I got that time. AND the last thing I do before going to sleep is a little quiet time as well. The nap time ones don't happen every day but they are really refreshing.

Amber Joy said...

I hear you, kelley!
Here's what I've done as a SAHM:
I found a BSF group (look up and used Ruby's naptime for my quiet time. I still do, although she doesn't "nap" anymore - i require her to take quiet time while brother naps.
This year i'm not in BSF, but i'm leading a study with women at my church, so i am preparing for that during the week.
Honestly, what i like the most is to get up an hour before the kids and do it. I feel so muchbetter aboutmy day and the whole morning goes smoother with my demanding toddlers. It's onlybeen recently that they both sleep all night, so this is a new and still developing development. ;)

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! One of the things I've struggled with is I feel like I "need to be alone" to talk to God and that is just NOT true. I find on days that have spun out of control and I haven't even THOUGHT about reading the Bible, I talk to Him while driving wherever.